BC Virtual Health Grand Rounds: Bridging the Digital Divide and Virtual ECHO

Fri Jun 30, 2023  |  8:00–9:00 am PST

The final quarterly session of this series will feature two related topics – first, Dave Harris will describe how bringing low-satellite internet to rural communities is increasing equitable access to healthcare through the Bridging the Digital Divide Project. Second, Dr. Robert Moss and Dr. Virginia Robinson will speak about the Virtual ECHO project, which is using virtual tools to enable high-quality team-based care to support echocardiograms in the most underserved regions of our province.

Virtual Health Grand Rounds is a quarterly provincial rounds series for health-care professionals, health administrators, and IT colleagues to explore transformative, technology-enabled health-care delivery. The rounds spark discussion about the risks, benefits, and considerations for adopting technology to support patient-centered care.