Discussing MAiD: Compassionate Conversations in End-of-Life Care


Tue Nov 1, 2022 | 1730–1900 PDT

Discussing goals of care with patients can be challenging to navigate. Nevertheless, it’s important that patients know what options are available to them regarding end-of-life care. Medical assistance in dying, or MAiD, provides eligible people the option to end their life with the assistance of a physician or nurse practitioner. Effective and compassionate communication of this option falls under the professional responsibility of clinicians to ensure patients have access to their preferred means of end-of-life care.

During this free accredited session, our highly experienced and knowledgeable medical experts will answer your questions, share their experiences and recommend best practices in discussing MAiD. The webinar will include a panel of presenters and participants will be prompted to ask their questions in real time using webinar technology.

Skills Gained:
At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to…

  • Increase confidence and competence when talking about dying
  • Introduce community and palliative care options, advance care directives and medical assistance in dying (MAiD) at various points in a patient’s journey.
  • Identify barriers and tools to engaging in these discussions.
  • Provide resources about end of life and MAiD to patients and families

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