Optimizing Flexible Models of Care for OUD in BC – Clinical Roundtable Webinar

December 1st, 12pm-1pm PST

Hosted by CRISM in collaboration with the CRISM BC node, this roundtable webinar aims to regroup clinicians in a discussion on the implementation and expansion of flexible models of care for the clinical management and treatment of prescription opioid use disorder. We will hear from a multidisciplinary group of expert clinicians including researcher Dr. Eugenia Socias, physicians Dr. Alana Hirsh, Dr. Paxton Bach, and Dr. Patricia Caddy, pharmacist Mona Kwong, nurses Emma Garrod and Zachary Matieschyn.

After outlining the findings of the national OPTIMA trial, which ran from 2017-2020, this multidisciplinary panel of clinicians will discuss some of the key considerations, barriers, and benefits around the practice and prescription of take-home doses of OAT, such as with BUP/NX, in the context of British-Columbia. Through this discussion, the panel will explore next steps on how to optimize and expand flexible models of care for OAT in clinical practice.

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