Adoption of Contactless Sensors for COVID-19 Patients

EM Network Real-Time Virtual Support Lead, Kendall Ho, was recently awarded funding to facilitate clinical adoption of contactless sensors for COVID-19 patients. The grant is provided by the Government of Canada National Research Council (NRC).

Contactless Sensors for COVID-19

Contactless technologies can support clinical care by allowing patients to remain at a safe distance while healthcare staff remotely monitor, assess, and triage them. This can reduce the risk of infection transmission to healthcare staff and the need for unnecessary ED visits.

Dr. Ho will support a Contactless Sensing System developed by NRC, by providing clinical assessment and analysis, system validation, usability and feasibility testing.

This Contactless Sensing System will gather physiological signals from patients using contactless methods. It will measure parameters including blood volume pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and temperature. The project has initially been funded $147,000 over 1 year.

Video Summary

Dr. Ho presented a short summary on the project at the National Research Council Canada MEDTECH Conference on Sep. 25, 2020. View his presentation below: