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Opportunities to collaborate

Get involved! This section is for researchers looking for provincial collaborators. If postings are listed and you are interested and are a member please click on the member’s name to view their member profile and contact them directly. If you have opportunities to collaborate please click the Submit a Post below to have you post reviewed by ECBC and added here.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency physician work and well-being

You are being invited to participate in a research study on emergency physician workload, quarantine and COVID-19 infection during this pandemic. This is a weekly survey study. Your decision to participate is completely voluntary, and your job/professional standing will not be affected if you choose not to participate.

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Administration and Operational Issues

National registry of suspected and confirmed COVID cases

In response to the COVID crisis, ED physicians within BC and across Canada are collaborating to create a national registry of suspected and confirmed COVID cases in order to facilitate rapid research and response. Participation in the creation of this registry is crucial to enable the robust, high-quality data required to inform clinical best practice in an uncertain context. Please contact Corinne Hohl (corinne.hohl@ubc.ca) and/or Jeffrey Hau (jeffrey.hau@ubc.ca) for further information.

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The Research and Innovation Program

The Innovation Program investigates and translates new knowledge in order to prevent health emergencies, improve clinical care, and optimize emergency systems. It’s also the means by which policy and process change are guided by evidence so that BC emergency departments are more conducive to safe and effective care. The Innovation Program supports EM clinician scientists and other clinicians with an appetite for research in prioritizing and developing solutions to relevant and important EM clinical problems. To ensure that the ECBC remains focused on optimal health outcomes for the citizens of BC, the Innovation Program encompasses patient-oriented research.

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