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End of Shift • 41:23

End of Shift Podcast: Bloody Well Right – Part 2

In this episode of End of Shift, Eric and Joe continue their discussion with Dr. Shannon Jackson, talking about blood types and donation as well as sickle cell disorders.

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End of Shift • 47:27

End of Shift Podcast: Bloody Well Right – Part 1

The older ED crowd will remember this classic Supertramp track from the 1974 album, Crime of the Century. It's our springboard to talk about bleeding disorders.

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End of Shift • 33.56

End of Shift Podcast: Care and Feeding

Conventional medical school and residency curricula glossed over nutrition for patients and certainly made no mention of how to look after oneself on shift.

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End of Shift • 24.05

End of Shift Podcast: Viva Las Vegas

Dr. David Pledger fills us in on the interesting differences between US and Canadian emergency care.

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End of Shift • 53:42

End of Shift Podcast: Medicine on a Long Line

Discussing the practice of medicine in austere environments.

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End of Shift • 1:00:21

End of Shift Podcast: Evolution of Trauma Systems

New and emerging pearls, trauma systems, training and virtual support for BC trauma management.

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• 14:29

Podcast: What’s New in Sepsis

The latest diagnostic and treatment guidelines for sepsis in the ED, and updates on sepsis research.

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• 5:31

5-Minute Podcast: Ketamine for Rapid Agitation Control

Research Review: Ketamine for Agitated Patients in the ED.

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End of Shift • 57:06

End of Shift Podcast: ED SIM – Welcome to the Grand Illusion

History, process, tips, and downfalls of practicing EM SIM.

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End of Shift • 1:06

End of Shift Podcast – Physician, Discipline Thyself

Exploring the origins of BC EM, and common underlying issues that lead to unprofessional behaviour.

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End of Shift • 1:04

End of Shift Podcast: POCUS in the ED – In Probes We Trust

Guest Karine Badra-Quirion shares tips, tricks, and support for emergency care POCUS.

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End of Shift • 47:01

End of Shift Podcast – ED Nursing: As Frontline as it Gets

Emergency Nurse Louise Pick on how teamwork is key to surviving life-and-death in the ED and on the slopes.

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End of Shift • 41:45

End of Shift Podcast: Art, Medicine, and Passion

Dr. David Haughton takes us on a tour through the gallery of his life in medicine, politics and his passion - art.

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End of Shift • 1:00:02

End of Shift Podcast: Who Needs a Hand?

Put your hands together for this episode on emergency management of hand and finger injuries.

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Sepsis in the ED • 55:19

End of Shift Podcast: Sepsis in the ED

A deep dive on sepsis with Dr. Rob Stenstrom.

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BC EM Network Audio Series • 29:40

The Last High – Interview with Emergency Doctor and Novelist, Daniel Kalla

A conversation with Daniel Kalla, internationally best-selling novelist and BC emergency physician.

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End of Shift Podcast • 38:55

End of Shift Podcast: Interview with Dr. Jim Christenson, EM Network Lead

A discussion with Jim about his 40-year career in emergency medicine and why he started the BC Emergency Medicine Network.

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End of Shift Podcast • 22:00

End of Shift Podcast: The Way of the Warrior

How the warrior philosophy can be applied to emergency medicine and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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End of Shift Podcast • 45:42

End of Shift Podcast: Renal Colic in the ED

Pearls and pitfalls of renal colic and urinary retention management.

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