What is Community Case Crunch?

Community Case Crunch is a new podcast series featuring members of the EM Network, working in communities of all sizes around the province.

A panel of members will look at serious or complicated EM cases, and explore them through the lens of different community sizes, with very different resources.


This small panel of passionate Network members from communities of all sizes who are willing to chat through some pre-circulated cases in a panel format. We’ll explore the different challenges and approaches to the exact same case, as seen through the diverse members of the BC EM Network. 

The commitment is one or two virtual recording sessions, exploring two or three cases per session. We’ll edit them into what we hope will be short, provocative podcasts that we will distribute through the EM Network Podcast in the coming months.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in connecting for one or two chats with colleagues from different sized communities to highlight the challenges and approaches to caring for some interesting  EM cases, we want to hear from you. To get involved, please fill out the form linked below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Get involved!


For any other questions or comments, please email casecrunch@bcemergencynetwork.ca.