COVID-19: Pathophysiology, Clinical Management, Therapeutic Evidence & Ongoing Trials – Grand Rounds, May 13

May 13, 2020 @ 9am-10am

In this upcoming UBC DEM Grand Rounds, members Dr. Adam Thomas and Dr. David Sweet will discuss the latest therapeutic evidence, pathophysiology, and clinical management of COVID-19.

Both Adam and David are members of the BC COVID-19 Therapeutics Committee (CTC) and recently published new Clinical Practice Guidance for Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Therapy in Adult Patients with COVID-19.

Learning Objectives for Rounds

1) Discuss the unique pathophysiology of COVID-19 including alterations to traditional ARDS definitions with L and H phenotype respiratory failure, Cytokine storm and prothrombotic states.

2) Understand how this unique pathophysiology of COVID-19 alters clinical management.

3) Review associated COVID-19 specific sequela of organ dysfunction outside of respiratory failure

4) Review up to date evidence on various COVID-19 antiviral and immunomodulating therapy and the RCTs currently planned or underway.

EM Network Members Dr. Adam Thomas & Dr. David Sweet

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