Airway Intervention and Management in Emergencies (AIME)

The AIME course has been providing valued and practical hands-on airway management learning experiences for clinicians around the world for over 14 years. AIME educators are experienced (and entertaining) clinical instructors who understand the varied work environments of practicing clinicians. Whether you are a physician working in a large, high volume centre or a small remote setting, AIME will provide a practical approach for airway management in emergencies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be more confident and comfortable in making acute care airway management decisions.
  • Have acquired a practical staged approach to airway management.
  • Be able to choose the most appropriate method of airway management based on a variety of patient presentations.
  • Make appropriate choices in the use of pharmacologic agents used to facilitate airway management.
  • Know when and how to use various tools and adjuncts for managing the difficult airway.

Target audience: physicians practicing emergency care.

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