Emergency Department Targeted Ultrasound (EDTU)

The EDTU course is designed to provide physicians with a strong foundation in emergency ultrasound. The course emphasizes hands-on practical instruction to maximize participant learning. This is achieved with one-on-one bedside teaching on live models.

The course is a two-day program and will accommodate twenty learners. It is designed to facilitate the completion of most (if not all) of the required 50 supervised scans in each of the four areas (aorta, cardiac, abdomen, and pelvis). Target audience: Physicians practicing emergency care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of ultrasound physics, image generation and interpretation, and image artifact.
  • Understand the different types of probes
  • Complete most (if not all) of required 50 scans
  • Generate limited focused images for all the primary applications of EDTU
  • Understand the difference between EDTU and a formal ultrasound
  • Understand how EDTU is to be used in the clinical assessment of patients and clinical algorithms for patient care.
  • Identify anatomic structures on an ultrasound image that are necessary to interpret the primary examinations
  • Understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a quality assurance program at your local ED.
  • Learn the psychomotor skills necessary to generate accurate ultrasound images
  • Understand the indications for and limitations of EDTU.

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