Pediatric Advanced Trauma Simulation (PATS)

The PATS course is a simulation-based course that has been developed by local trauma experts at BC Children’s Hospital to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the management of trauma in pediatric patients.

PATS makes use of online modules, simulation cases as well as skill stations to provide healthcare providers with high-yield and up-to-date information in a safe learning environment. Local BCCH protocols and resources are also reviewed and emphasized. This one-day course includes the use of expert role-modelling vignettes and hands-on practice. Each participant will be allocated to an interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists.

As there are no didactic lectures provided during the course, prerequisite online modules must be completed in advance. Access the course materials by logging in to the PHSA Learning Hub at and search for “PATS” or “Pediatric Advanced Trauma Simulation”.

Target audience: physicians practicing emergency care, ED and ICU RNs, and RTs.

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