Provincial Emergency Medicine Clinical Database

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems

Innovation Leader


We intend to gather complete and reliable provincial emergency department (ED) data to provide knowledge to key decision makers in order to improve the quality of emergency care for British Columbians.

Short-Term Goals

  • Continue to support work being done to build the VCH-PHC regional ED database
  • Complete National Ambulatory Care Reporting System dataset standardization and implementation in VCH
  • Develop a provincial strategy for data stewardship, access, privacy, and governance
  • Understand ED site data gathering limitations and barriers to data collection

Long-Term Goals

  • Standardize the acquisition of key data elements by the major sites within the regional health authorities in BC
  • Understand outcomes of ED visits via the creation of important linkages with admission and discharge data, vital statistics, Pharmanet, Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium, registries (stroke, trauma, cardiac), as well as medication dispensing data (Omnicell/Pyxis) in order to support clinical care medicine (CCM) initiatives and other provincial key result areas (KRA).
  • Align clinical decision makers with policy makers through the interpretation of ED data