Patient Safety and System Resilience in Emergency Care

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems, Prevention

Innovation Leader


No patient suffers harm from emergency care in British Columbia.

Current Activities

  • Iterative mapping of the resilience profile of an urban emergency department (St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver). View the SPH ED Resilience Assessment – Mar. 2019
  • Monthly inter-professional department meetings for dialogue and feedback
  • Refining a predictive analytics forecasting tool for emergency department operational demand
    • Using real-time data to calibrate forecasting

Short Term Goals

  • Evaluate the adapted Resilience Analysis Grid© (Hollnagel, 2010) – a strategic framework to enhance system safety and resilient performance in risk critical industries – for emergency healthcare
  • Monitor and map the resilience profile of an urban emergency department over time
  • Collaborate with international and interdisciplinary researchers to evaluate the adapted Resilience Analysis Grid in other healthcare systems

Long Term Goals

  • Create safety for emergency patients in BC by fostering the cornerstone potentials of system resilience:
    • Anticipate what might happen
    • Monitor what is happening
    • Respond to what is happening
    • Learn from what happens