New Clinical Resources Committee!


The Clinical Resources Program led by Dr. Julian Marsden held its first committee meeting on December 18th, 2017.

The purpose of the committee is to guide the strategic direction of the BC Emergency Medicine Network’s Clinical Resources program, facilitate growth of the suite of clinical resources and contributors, ensure the content is appropriate, relevant and up to date and help engage and empower emergency practitioners across BC in providing the best care for their patients.

Over the next few months, the committee will be working on a process for obtaining regular member input and feedback on the resources to ensure they are appropriate and useful for members across all settings.

Current membership includes representatives from across the province:

  • David Agulnik
  • Paola Camorlinga
  • Jim Christenson
  • Greg Costello
  • Jolaine Cowherd (Patient Partner)
  • Navid Dehghani
  • Danette Dawkin
  • Quynh Doan
  • Lee Graham
  • James Heilman
  • Pamela Jessen (Patient Partner)
  • Julian Marsden
  • Kyle McIver
  • Todd Raine
  • John Soles
  • Kerry Spearing


Thank you to all of our committee members for your time and efforts in helping shape the Clinical Resources Program!

If you are interested in getting involved with the BC Emergency Medicine Network or have a resource to share – contact us at