The BC Emergency Medicine Network at the Rural Health Conference in Prince George

The BC Rural Health Conference was held in Prince George from May 12th – 13th. The conference was hosted by RCCbc and had approximately 200 participants including physicians, nurses, residents, and students. The event offered plenary and sessional hands-on workshops about rural medicine topics including emergency medicine, wilderness medicine, physician resiliency and more. It also included simulation courses. It was an excellent opportunity for delegates to share knowledge, update new skills and network with colleagues.

The BC Emergency Medicine Network was a sponsor/exhibitor for the event, attended by Dr. Jim Christenson (Executive Lead), Sharla Drebit (Network Manager), Network Advisory Members, Patrick Rowe, Ray Markham and Patient Partner Kim Eggers. The Network booth provided delegates with an opportunity to learn about the Network, see the plans for the new website, provide input and feedback and stay connected. We are excited to report that we signed-up over 30 new Network enthusiasts to our mailing list!  The Network also held an informational lunch session on Saturday afternoon. The session sparked great discussion around the potential reach of the Network and how the Network can and should be sure to include diagnostic and treatment centers and remote nursing outposts and should advocate improving patient transport around the province. We are now working to incorporate the ideas gained from the conference to improve the Network and ensure it meets the needs of BC                                                                              rural emergency practitioners.

The Network is extremely grateful to RCCbc for this opportunity and we look forward to attending again next year!