Congratulations to the MyHEARTSMAP research team

Congratulations to Quynh Doan, pediatric emergency physician at BC Children’s Hospital, and her team members, Robert Stenstrom, Chris Richardson, Tyler Black, Mandi Newton, Bruce Wright, and Rebecca Gokiert, on their recent $589,049 grant awarded to test the accuracy of MyHEARTSMAP, a tool to identify psychosocial issues in the emergency department (ED).

Up to 70% of youth seeking care in the ED have an underlying mental health condition, but only 10% seek help specifically for a mental health concern. When ED clinicians are not aware of these mental health issues, they do not fully understand the youth’s emergency care needs and likely responses to treatment. As clinicians are often preoccupied with more visible health problems and do not routinely assess for underlying mental health conditions. Providing a tool in the ED for families and youth to self-assess for mental health needs could address an important clinical care gap in a busy treatment setting. The study will assess the value of implementing MyHEARTSMAP in the ED.

Find out more about the assessment tool can be found on the HEARTSMAP Website.