The BC Emergency Medicine Network Welcomes Patient Partners Kim Eggers and Ed Martin to the Network Advisory Committee

The BC Emergency Medicine Network believes that a key component to providing excellent health care is including the voice of patient and caregivers. Patients are experts in the health care system from their experiences and can offer a unique perspective in decisions about how health care services are designed and carried out. Thus, as a start, the Network has elected to include two patient partners to its Advisory Committee. With help from the BC SUPPORT Unit and Patient Voices Network, Kim Eggers from Prince George and Ed Martin from Richmond joined the Advisory Committee on February 9th 2017.

Kim and Ed have already been of great support to the Network. They both provided feedback on the planned evaluation tools and gave ideas during a review of the Network website. The suggestion was made to send patient discharge instructions electronically, right from our website to patients at the bedside (from a no-reply email), and now we are working to incorporate that great idea. Kim also joined the Network booth at the Rural Health Conference in Prince George on May 13th and helped us recruit new members. Both Kim and Ed bring unique perspectives and we are very thankful to have them on the team! We look forward to working with Kim and Ed to see how we can bring more patient perspectives into the BC Emergency Medicine Network.

BC Emergency Medicine Network Advisory Committee Members:

Drew Digney – Island Health Emergency Lead (Chair)

Ed Martin – Patient Partner

Eric Grafstein – VCH/PHC Emergency Lead

Garth Meckler – BCCH Pediatric Emergency Head

Kim Eggers – Patient Partner

Neil Barclay – Fraser Health Emergency Lead

Patrick Rowe – Northern Health Emergency Lead

Ray Markham – Rural Coordination Center Representative

Todd Ring – Interior Health Emergency Lead

Advisory Meeting April 4, 2017 (Left to right: Chantel Archibald, Adam Lund, Carolyn Mackinnon, Kim Eggers, Ron Lindstrom, Ed Martin, Todd Ring, Drew Digney, Ben Millar, Sharla Drebit, Jim Christenson). Absent: Riyad Abu-Laban, Kendall Ho, Afshin Khazei, Julian Marsden, Ray Markham, Patrick Rowe, Neil Barclay, Eric Grafstein