Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attacks

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems, Prevention

Innovation Leader


To improve care for stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) patients in the ED, and across the continuum of care, via research, education, exchange of knowledge, & advocacy.

Current Activites

  • Provincial Stroke Quality Improvement: with Stroke Services BC, Provincial Health Services Authority, and BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Clinical and evaluation leadership for stroke improvement across continuum of care
  • Clinical Trial: Brain Canada Grant Pre-hospital neuroprotectant trial (FRONTIER)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations: Emergency Department Evaluation and Management of Patients with TIA and Acute Stroke

Short Term Goals

  • Keep ECBC best practice documents up-to-date
  • Continued leadership within BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
  • Expansion of FRONTIER Clinical trial and continued enrollment

Long Term Goals

  • Improved implementation of ECBC BP’s – survey; admin data using stroke registry
  • Implementation of clinical decision support tool for ED management of TIA – Kelowna, other ED’s
  • Research program funding sustainability for BC Emergency Stroke Research Network
  • Increased academic publications
  • Grant funding support for stroke and TIA research within the DEM

Anticipated Impact

  • Reduced stroke incidence
  • Increased thrombolysis rates
  • Increased access to endovascular stroke therapy
  • Reduced mortality and disability
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Increased provider satisfaction
  • Increased patient engagement





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