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Published: June 23, 2021

Show Notes

What are the most common disciplinary issues among physicians who practice emergency care? How are these issues handled, and how can YOU avoid getting into trouble? Bruce Campana walks us through the art of disciplining physicians.

Bruce is currently the Medical Director of Enhanced Medical Staff Support (EMSS) at Vancouver Island Health Authority. EMSS supports medical leaders who are asked to attend to issues of medical staff professionalism.

Bruce also describes his early career experience working under legends in emergency medicine, like the Dr. Rosen. From there, his career path led him to Saudi Arabia, where he was the Saudi King’s private physician and hacked into a plane’s oxygen supply to treat the Amir of Kuwait while in the air.

His storied career led him to his current position at EMSS, where he emphasizes an empathic approach to bullying, challenging relationships, and mental health issues, among other disciplinary problems faced by emergency physicians.

Bruce Campana

Bruce is an attending emergency physician at Victoria General Hospital, Clinical Associate Professor at the UBC Dept of Emergency Medicine, Medical Director for Enhanced Medical Staff Support for the Vancouver Island Health Authority. He also practices hyperbaric medicine at Vancouver General Hospital.

Bruce complete medical school training at McGill University, came out west to intern at St. Pauls’ Hospital in Vancouver and completed his medical residency in Denver, Colorado. He is a frequent keynote speaker at emergency medicine conferences.

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End of Shift Podcast Hosts

The End of Shift Podcast is hosted by EM Network members Eric Angus and Joe Haegert.

Eric Angus

Eric Angus is an emergency physician and trauma team leader at Lions Gate Hospital. He is married with 15-year-old twins. His non-medical interests include origami, meditation, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, just generally being outside, and drinking wine. He has a diploma in mountain medicine and volunteers for ski patrol and the North Shore Rescue team. He is an ATLS instructor. He dabbles in stoicism and Buddhist philosophies.

Joe Haegert

Joe Haegert practices emergency and trauma medicine at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia. He is a talented teacher, engaging speaker, and devoted clinician. He lives in South Surrey with his wife Sandy and managed to raise three children without much incident. Known for his unflagging enthusiasm, Joe enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and recently has taken to turning wooden burls into all manner of bowls and tables.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the BC Emergency Medicine Network.


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