Network Advisory Committee Meet to Discuss the Networks Strategic Direction for 2019/2020.

The EM Network Advisory Committee met January 10th, 2019 to discuss the Network’s strategic direction for 2019. It was so great to have Dr. Tom Noseworthy, BC Academic Health Science Network President and CEO attend the meeting and be apart of the discussions. The Network is looking forward to a successful year!

Top row from left to right: Dr. Julian Marsden, Dr. Adam Lund, Dr. Riyad Abu-Laban, Ron Lindstrom, Ed Martin, Sharla Drebit, Dr. Kendall Ho, Carolyn MacKinnon, Dr. Garth Meckler, Chantel Archibald, Dr. Tom Noseworthy and Kim Eggers.
Bottom row from left to right: Dr. Eric Grafstein, Dr. Patrick Rowe, Dr. Neil Barclay, Dr. Jim Christenson and Dr. Drew Digney.