The BC Emergency Medicine Network Hosts 1st Patient Partner Workshop

7 Patient Partners participated in a full day workshop on December 7th reviewing Information Sheets that are given to patients upon discharge from the emergency room.

The BC Emergency Medicine Network currently holds a database of 68 patient information sheets in multiple languages, sourced from Health Authorities and partner organizations across the province.

The Network is working with Patient Partners to ensure the information sheets are appropriate, beneficial, complete and understandable to patients. Prior to now, none of these information sheets had patients input. Pamela Jessen (Langford,BC) and Jolaine Herd (Creston, BC) initiated the project and are members of the Network’s Clinical Resources Advisory Committee led by Dr. Julian Marsden. Pamela co-facilitated the workshop with Network Manager, Sharla Drebit.

“I believe we made some valuable suggestions, and I hope this work will continue.  Everyone felt they were making a contribution to better care.” Ed Martin, EMN Patient Partner (Richmond, BC)

We are excited to report that 39 information sheets were reviewed! Next, the revisions will be reviewed by emergency physicians, stamped ‘patient partner approved,’ and shared with all emergency departments across BC.