Patient Partners Steaming Ahead on Clinical Resources Project

Patient Partners, Pamela Jessen (a.k.a ‘ The Engine’) and Jolaine Cowherd (a.k.a ‘The Caboose’) are forging full steam ahead on a new project which is endeavouring for the first time to include patient input into patient information sheets distributed to patients in emergency rooms across BC.

The Network currently holds a database of 66 patient information sheets in multiple languages, sourced from health authorities and partner organizations across the province (kudos to Dr David Agulnik from St Paul’s Hospital who initially collated these resources).

Pamela and Jolaine created a review template (displayed below) to systematically capture patient feedback while reviewing the resources. Once feedback is incorporated, the patient information sheets will be available to all emergency departments across the province through the Network’s website. Next step will be to ensure they are translated accordingly into additional languages.

Pamela (Langford, BC) and Jolaine (Creston, BC) joined the Clinical Resources Committee last November and are active volunteers through the Patient Voices Network. They both share a passion for making improvements to our health care system and for ensuring patients have a say in how our health care is delivered. They have given each other the nicknames of ‘Engine’ and ‘Caboose’ as “Pam leads with executive decisions and Jolaine makes sure nothing is left behind!” We are very lucky to have this dynamic duo on our team.

We wholeheartedly thank Jolaine and Pamela for their time, dedication and enthusiasm!

Do you have a patient information sheet to share? Or a topic you would like to see? Please send your ideas to