Preventing an Overdose Crisis: Member Jessica Moe Aims to Prevent Opioid Deaths During the Pandemic

Congratulations to member Jessica Moe who was recently awarded CIHR funding for her study, Preventing Opioid Deaths due to COVID Related Increase in Smoking Illicit Substances.

Dr. Moe is the principal applicant for the study, which is a collaboration between the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Health Ministry’s Overdose Emergency Response Centre, and BC Health Authorities.

Dr. Moe’s team will implement a novel, continuous oximetry protocol for people who smoke opioids at six partnering overdose prevention service (OPS) sites. This will allow for safe monitoring of clients’ oxygen levels while abiding by physical distancing required during COVID-19.

The study addresses a decline in visits to OPS since the pandemic onset, and a concurrent rise in smoking-related overdose deaths.

View the Government of Canada funding announcement.