Seeking EM Network Members to Support UBC FLEX Students Developing Clinical Resources

The BC Emergency Medicine Network Clinical Resources program is seeking EM Network members interested in working with UBC Flex students as a FLEX Advisor to support students while they develop point of care clinical resources.

FLEX is an educational space in the renewed UBC MD Undergraduate Program curriculum that provides students with opportunities to explore individual scholarly interests and enhanced learning opportunities. FLEX Advisors will provide guidance and feedback to the students during their planning and activity phases of the course.

EM Network members will be supported by the EM Network Clinical Resources program by providing logistical support and feedback as requested.

Expectations of FLEX Advisors:

  • Complete Orientation with FLEX Supervisor (Dr. Julian Marsden).
  • Work with student to identify learning goals, develop appropriate learning plans and select appropriate topics.
  • Provide student with formative feedback.
  • Facilitate any issues that arise regarding FLEX activities.
  • Communicate directly and regularly with the FLEX Supervisor to discuss issues that arise.

If you are interested in being a part of this amazing contribution, please email the EM Network Clinical Resources Team at

Please share this opportunity with your colleagues. To read more about the UBC FLEX Program click here. The application deadline is Oct. 12, 2020.

Thank you,

Julian Marsden
Lead, Clinical Resources
The BC Emergency Medicine Network