Research Leadership Update

BC EM Network & UBC Department of Emergency Medicine Research Leadership Update

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) is pleased to announce that Associate Research Director, Dr. Frank Scheuermeyer, has accepted the role of Interim Research Director effective September 1, 2020. Dr. Scheuermeyer will also be taking on the role of Innovation Program Lead for Riyad Abu-Laban the BC Emergency Medicine Network (BC EM Network).

As Dr. Riyad Abu-Laban steps down from 11 years as the DEM Research Director, and from the EM Network Innovation Program Lead role, he will transition to the permanent Scientific Director position with the BC EM Network. In his new role, Dr. Abu-Laban will oversee the BC EM Network Scientific Program to ensure the support of a robust, comprehensive, and sustainable data collection and analysis plan to facilitate the evaluation of system and patient care impacts of BC EM Network activities.

Dr. Abu-Laban will also be responsible for leading the development and implementation of a BC EM Network data road map and chairing the BC EM Network Data Strategy and Advocacy Committee. During his tenure as Research Director, Dr. Abu-Laban has implemented a number of significant initiatives including the UBC DEM’s annual Research Day and innovative one-month research education program called the “Novel Education in Research & Design” block. This program has received consistently high evaluations and has generated significant national attention. We thank him for his notable contributions over many years as the UBC DEM Research Director and Innovation Program Lead for the BC EM Network.

As the new Innovation Program Lead for the BC EM Network, Dr. Scheuermeyer will facilitate the effectiveness of 16 innovation initiatives to reduce burden of illness, improve systems for better patient care, and share knowledge to better inform practice across BC.


Dr. Scheuermeyer completed medical school at the University of Alberta and his emergency medicine residency at the University of British Columbia. His research interests include cardiovascular emergencies and addictions medicine. He has been the Associate Research Director for the UBC DEM since 2016, and is the Cardiovascular Emergencies Innovation Lead for the BC EM Network. He is a reviewer for numerous journals and sits on the editorial board of Annals of Emergency Medicine. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Abu-Laban and Dr. Scheuermeyer for their unwavering support and commitment to advancing emergency medicine research in the UBC DEM and the BC EM Network. I look forward to working with them in these important academic roles.


Dr. Jim Christenson
Executive Lead, BC Emergency Medicine Network
Head, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine