Rural Emergency Services Research Symposium Proceedings


Rural Emergency Services Research Symposium

The Rural Health Services Research Network of British Columbia (RHSRNbc) hosted a research symposium focused on rural emergency services in partnership with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), and the EM Medicine Network on June 7th, 2018.

30 participants consisting of academics, health administrators and leaders, physicians, key people from the Ministry of Health and health authorities in British Columbia, community members and students gathered to identify gaps and system challenges to providing rural emergency services in BC.

Event Objectives

1. Generate a high-level overview of the existing evidence related to the capacity of smaller rural ERs and the support structures currently in place to sustain these services.
2. Identify important gaps in our current understanding.
3. Generate key questions that need to be answered to better understand how rural emergency services attempt to address the needs of the population they serve.
4. Examine the interface between the smaller rural ERs and the larger provincial system of emergency care including communication support (synchronous and asynchronous), the integration of care for high acuity patients, and strategies to sustain quality of care (CPD).
5. Consider the data needed to answer the questions generated.

Event Proceedings

View the full event proceedings, including a brief background section on rural emergency departments and a synopsis of thematic discussions developed during the discussions on the day of the symposium. The program schedule, attendee information and presentation slides are added as Appendices (A-C) to this report.