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A patient is seen by the emergency team, diagnosed with a hip fracture after he slipped and fell, and admitted by the orthopedics service. His medications have been held and he has been made NPO and started on maintenance fluids in anticipation of an operation tomorrow. He is boarding in the emergency department when he wakes up with shortness of breath and hypoxia secondary pulmonary edema. The pulmonary edema is secondary to 1) holding his medications and 2) maintenance fluids.

Goals and Objectives

Educational Goal: Review the initial assessment and management of a patient with shortness of breath.

Objectives: (Medical and CRM)

  1. Assess and manage a patient with pulmonary edema
  2. Communicate the patient’s assessment to an attending physician via phone

EPAs Assessed:  Recognizing the unstable/critically ill patient, mobilizing the healthcare team and supervisor, and initiating basic life support


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