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A 33 year-old female is brought to the ED after having a BBQ grill explode in her face. She has soot on her face, singed eyebrows, and burns to her chest after her shirt caught on fire. She is tachycardic but otherwise hemodynamically stable but appears to be in some respiratory distress. The team should proceed to intubate and fluid resuscitate.

Goals and Objectives

Educational Goal: To expose learners to the complex management considerations in a critically ill burn patient with respiratory distress.

Objectives: (Medical and CRM)
CRM: Effectively lead team members through complex critical scenario.

  • Recognize the need to intubate patient with significant burns, and progress down full pathway of difficult airway to surgical airway.
  • Adequately fluid resuscitate patient with significant burns.
  • Used closed-loop communication and frequent summaries in order to maintain effective communication and a shared mental model.

EPAs Assessed:

F1 Initiating and assisting in resuscitation of critically ill patients
C3 Provide airway management and ventilation
TD 3: Facilitating communication of information between a patient in the emergency department, caregivers, and members of the health care team to organize care and disposition of the patient


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