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DKA. Hyperkalemia. RTVS

22-year-old male patient with poorly controlled T1DM presented with DKA. He independently walked into the triage complaining of nausea, vomiting and general malaise.

Case occurred in a rural community (Dawson Creek) where the hospital was staffed by one resident and two nurses in house. Lab and X-ray were available on a call-in basis. Staff physician is at home, 10 mins drive away and has decided to let you ‘run the department’ tonight.

A RTVS physician was called to support the case virtually.

Goals and Objectives

Educational Goal: Use RTVS support in the management of DKA.

Objectives (Medical and CRM):

1. Develop an approach to DKA.
2. Practice peer to peer support with RTVS-RUDI.


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