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A 55-year-old male is brought to the emergency department with absent vital signs. He collapsed at his office after complaining of feeling unwell. CPR was started by a colleague and continued by EMS. He received 3 shocks by an AED. His downtime is approximately 10 minutes. The team is expected to perform routine ACLS care. When the patient remains in VF despite ACLS management, the team will need to consider specific therapies, such as iv beta blockade or dual sequential shock, to abort the electrical storm.

Learning Goals & Objectives

Educational Goal:

  • To expose learners to the management of refractory VF (electrical storm)

CRM Objectives:

  • Effectively lead a code with multiple team members

Medical Objectives:

  1. Manage cardiac arrest with standard ACLS principles
  2. Identify and appropriately manage electrical storm
  3. Initiate appropriate post-arrest care


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