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Traumatic brain injury. TBI. Shock. Raised ICP.  Femur Fracture.

A young healthy patient falls from height and sustains a serious head injury. His LOC is decreased and he will require intubation. There is evidence of raised ICP requiring management. He also has a femur fracture that requires traction to control ongoing hemorrhage from long bone fracture.

Goals and Objectives

Educational Goal:

  • Management of Major Head Injury.

Objectives (Medical and CRM):

  • Quickly assess and address trauma patient’s ABC’s.
  • Consider preparation, equipment, drugs required for traumas and airway management.
  • Consider and plan (verbally or physically) for complications of trauma including possible hemodynamic compromise, raised intracranial pressure.
  • Demonstrate role clarity, delegation of roles and responsibilities at the initiation of the scenario.
  • Demonstrate effective communication during the scenario: constructing clear messages, closed-loop communication, shared mental model.


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