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At 0630 patient climbed onto mother’s dresser and pulled TV down onto himself, found immediately by Mother. Called EHS, arrived 0642 found patient obtunded with GCS of 4 and posturing. IO started Right Tibia, bolus NS 120ml x 1 given. Ativan 1.5mg via IO Given.

Objectives: (Medical and CRM):

• Medical Management of Pediatric Trauma and Head Injury in resource limited setting.
• Use of RTVS Support Pathways in complex cases.

CT Imaging image provided courtesy Dr Brittany Ansell.


Could you add the CT imaging into the case and the facilitator cheat sheet notes? Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Kruithof

February 04, 2023 • 03:57pm

Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your question. The downloadable file has been updated to include the CT imaging and facilitator notes for the SIM case.


February 13, 2023 • 09:30am

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