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Hello everyone, hopefully everyone is managing well under the circumstances. Just a quick update from the cardiology world.

Please keep in mind that STEMI is still far more common in British Columbia than hospitalized covid-19 patients, at least for now. Although there should not be much debate, a few days ago the American College of Cardiology re-emphasized that the treatment for STEMI is the same as always: “primary PCI [percutaneous coronary intervention] remains the standard of care at PCI capable hospitals when it can be provided in timely fashion, with an expert team outfitted with PPE.” This applies even if the patient has a fever, cough, or is hypoxic.

PCI is not an aerosol-generating procedure, but please remember to place a surgical mask on the patient.

If you have the need to intubate a patient for airway control, flash pulmonary edema, etc. please remember to place a HEPA filter into the circuit and do NOT disconnect for any reason.

Again, I am sure that all of you are already doing this. Just to reinforce that the guidelines now agree with your treatment…


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