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To find ECBC’s Patient Discharge Resources at a glance, click here.

ECBC has launched the Provincial Emergency Patient Discharge Quality Improvement Series, a monthly exchange of ideas around improving the discharge process for emergency patients.

This forum provides a collaborative space for provincial partners to share their successful patient discharge practices, initiatives, innovations and research. Participants can then take their learnings back home and replicate ideas in their respective EDs.

Each session features a short speaker presentation, followed by a moderated discussion. Anyone interested in improving emergency and patient care is strongly encouraged to attend.

In February, Dr. Jatina Lai spoke about her patient discharge improvement pilot project underway at Lions Gate Hospital. Using simple shortcut codes in Cerner, QR codes linked to ECBC’s Patient Discharge Sheets can be added directly to the patient’s printed discharge instructions.

Together with Dr. Lai, ECBC has created a handout with Patient Discharge Sheet QR codes for the Fast Track area in your ED. Simply print off a stack of copies for your ED and give them out to patients to take home.

>> Download the latest Fast Track handout here.
(ECBC continues to improve these tools, so let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements!)

The March session featured Debbie Hendley and Jessica Preston, Patient Care Coordinators from Chilliwack General Hospital, who shared their discharge process for emergency care and mental health service patients using Meditech. They discussed tools available to customize discharge instructions.

>> Watch a recording of the webinar here.


Our Provincial Patient Discharge Quality Improvement Sessions will resume in Fall 2024.


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