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Low-fidelity, multi-disciplinary, table-top simulation game.

This is a table-top simulation game designed to practice various scenarios in YOUR environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We encourage you to use this simulation to mimic the environment and team members you will be dealing with. Consider the stage in the pandemic response that your setting is currently in.

You can download printable materials, or play by simply talking through the Case Cards as a team. If your scissors are up to it, we recommend cutting out the cards and using them to mimic your environment and enhance your simulation. Active play increases team engagement from passive to active learning and planning.

Goals and Objectives

Case 1: Practice Round

  • Learn basic gameplay, practice donning and doffing PPE, triage protocols.

Case 2: Comorbidities

  • Management of COVID-19 infections with respiratory comorbidities.

Case 3: Moderate Severity of Disease/Moderate Complexity

  • Practice COVID-19 intubation protocols.

Case 4: ‘COVID, not COVID’

  • Remember that all the rest of Emergency Medicine is still going to happen, but given appropriate context, suspicion for COVID-19 should remain high.

Case 5: Severe Disease/Severe Complexity

  • Emergent and Rapid Intubation in COVID-19 Case… or Not.

Case Template

  • Write your own case! Simulate a real-life situation or something from your imagination in YOUR Emergency Department! Submit your case.


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