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Plan your own in-situ simulation for COVID preparedness.

A brief guide from Simulation Canada. Plan your own in-situ simulation for COVID preparedness based on lessons learned at the Kelowna General Hospital. NOTE: You must log in or register (free) at Simulation Canada to download the case files.

Case designed during the January 2020 COVID-19 outbreak in order to assess and improve team preparedness for safely and effectively caring for a critically ill coronavirus patient from triage through to intubation and disposition in a community hospital. The scenario focusses on system processes more than individual skills. This case was adapted from one published on EM Sim Cases by Dr. Alia Dharamsi, Dr. SooJin Yi, and Dr. Kate Hayman from the University of Toronto.

Goals and Objectives

Educational Goal:

Practice personal and team safety while assessing and providing care to a patient with a potentially airborne respiratory illness requiring full personal protective equipment.

Objectives (Medical and CRM):

1. Effective team communication from triage to intubation to the disposition of a high-risk coronavirus patient

2. Mitigating exposure of HCPs, patients, by appropriately isolating high-risk patients in negative pressure room

3. Mitigating personal risk by utilizing the appropriate donning/doffing of PPE

4. Conducting effective high acuity clinical care (i.e. intubation) in space and personnel limited negative pressure room effectively



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