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Airway emergencies are among the most challenging high acuity/low occurrence events faced by rural practitioners. 

Good outcomes depend on the ability to think and act quickly as a coordinated team and perform complex tasks under pressure.

Informed by a number of excellent FOAM resources (most notably EMUpdates, EMCrit and the AIME Course), our site has developed its own Rural Emergency Airway Guide to assist with emergency airway scenarios in our remote, rural setting.

We use these during our weekly SIMs, and keep laminated copies in our crash cart.

After all, there is no better guide than the one that is familiar to you!

 If you would like the PowerPoint & Excel versions of these documents which you can edit to better suit your needs, email caroline.shooner@northernhealth.ca.

Kudos to:  @EMCases, @emupdates, @emcrit, @TheCARECourse, @LITFLblog, @RCC_bc, @BCEmergMedNtwrk, AIME Course


Thank you - this is a great resource!

Kelsey Furk

March 18, 2022 • 08:11pm

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