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Seeking to match Advisors with Year 2 Medical Students

For the past three years, the BC Emergency Medicine Network (EM Network) has provided learning opportunities with the UBC FLEX (Flexible Enhanced Learning) Program

FLEX is a series of courses that offer undergraduate medical students unique opportunities to pursue various scholarly activities in Years 1, 2 and 4 of the renewed curriculum. With FLEX, students develop and pursue activities to explore individual learning interests in greater depth.

We are currently seeking to match advisors for our Year 2 Medical FLEX Students who will begin work from April 19 to May 06, 2022.

Their FLEX Activity offered is a part of the EM Network’s Clinical Resources Program. FLEX students provide up-to-date and relevant clinical information to emergency care providers and citizens across BC. Their ultimate goal is to improve patient care provincially.

The EM Network is seeking UBC Faculty members from across BC to become FLEX Advisors, who support FLEX students as they develop their Projects involved with the EM Network. FLEX Advisors provide guidance and feedback to students during the planning and activity phases of their course.

FLEX Advisor Expectations:

  • Complete FLEX Advisor Orientation with FLEX Supervisor.
  • Work with student to identify learning goals, develop appropriate learning plans and select appropriate topics.
  • Provide student with formative feedback.
  • Facilitate any issues that arise regarding FLEX activities.
  • Communicate directly and regularly with the FLEX Supervisor to discuss issues that arise.

If you are interested in being a part of this outstanding contribution, please consult the EM Network Clinical Resources Team at clinicalresources@bcemergencynetwork.ca.

Please share this message with your colleagues! Visit bcemn/flex to learn more about the UBC FLEX Program.


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