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Calling of the Heart / Á:ylexw tel Th’á:lá is a short film about the worsening overdose crisis in The BC Fraser Valley.

It’s produced by EM Network member, Marc Greidanus with help from his friends at Stó:lō Services and the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice, and features members of the Stó:lō Nation.

Overdose rate and deaths have dramatically increased across the province in the past 6 months, affecting communities all across BC. Emergency care providers have an important role in responding to the crisis.

The film focuses on stories from those closest to the crisis. It reshapes stigmas about drug overdose to start a healthier conversation.

2 Minute Teaser

Full Film

Visit CallingOfTheHeart.ca to view the full film.


View the EM Network Opioid Overdose Clinical Resources

Visit stopoverdose.gov.bc.ca for resources on the overdose crisis and follow Stó:lō Nation on Facebook for updates.


For questions on the film, please contact:

Jade Black and Christie Weightman
OD prevention coordinators for Stó:lō Nation


Katrina Bepple
Executive Director, Chilliwack Division of Family Practice


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