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Giving Safe and Effective Discharge Instructions poster

In December 2021, the BC Emergency Medicine Network (BCEMN) sent a poster titled Giving Safe and Effective Discharge Instructions to all BC EDs. Adapted by the BCEMN Patient Council with permission from work by CanadiEM, posters were sent with a cover letter to ED department heads requesting that they be posted where they would be most visible.

The stress of an ED visit can lead patients to forget details of their health issues and next steps. This poster serves as a quick and useful tool for healthcare professionals providing discharge instructions to patients.

Clear answers to next steps in their medical journey such as: Should I follow up with my family physician? What home care should I do? – can reduce unnecessary return visits to the ED and encourages patients to be a partner in their own healthcare. Anticipated results of effective discharge include positive outcomes for patients, and reduced stress for already overloaded healthcare professionals.

The poster includes a handy QR Code, linking to the BCEMN website’s “Patient Discharge Sheets” which can be shared with the patient upon discharge.

We would love to know what you think! Let us know if you have seen the Giving Safe and Effective Discharge Instructions poster, and give us feedback by completing this short poll:

Download the digital poster for print here.
Or email connect@bcemergencynetwork.ca to request copies or to share your feedback.

As chair of the BCEMN Patient Council, along with the Executive Lead of the BCEMN, Dr. Jim Christenson, we thank you for letting us know what you think so we can continue to improve our tools and resources for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

With gratitude,

Kim Eggers
BC EMN Patient Council



Great work thanks!

Jeanne Macleod

July 05, 2022 • 09:05am

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