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The EM Network is going on a roadshow!

Invite us to your ED so we can hear from YOU how the EM Network can support emergency care in your area.


Site Visit Goals


  • Build relationships with emergency nurses and physician members.
  • Listen, understand, and amplify the voices of EM practitioners.
  • Share our latest activities and discuss how you can get involved
  • Use your feedback to better inform the growth of the EM Network.


What to Expect


Before a Visit

  • Message us to let us know you’re interested in a site visit! Email connect@bcemergencynetwork.ca
  • An EM Network Administrative Lead will reach out to you to start the planning. We’ll ask for your help in securing a meeting space and spreading the word to your colleagues to join. We will bring lunch!.

During a Visit

  • We’ll get to know each other and have lunch. We’ll give a brief overview of EM Network activities and goals, and learn more about emergency care at your site and how we can work together to improve care. (Approximately one hour).

After a Visit

  • We follow up with resources and connections to support you.




Haida Gwaii just invited you. Sockeye anyone?

Tracy Morton

August 27, 2021 • 01:59pm

Hi Tracy, Excellent!! We'll get in touch with you directly about dates. Sockeye sounds AMAZING! :D


August 30, 2021 • 09:58am

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