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A Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement

Quality improvement requires a judgement-free culture of learning, discovery, and change. The Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement (MSPQI) will enable physicians to access emergency-related quality measures information aimed at improving patient care and the physician experience. MSPQI will provide both system-level and individual data that is confidential, and personalized. Doctors of BC, health authorities and the Ministry of Health are collaborating on this work, and will be also be able to use MSPQI aggregated and de-identified data to assess and improve overall health system performance.

Physician involvement is essential to MSPQI and they are strongly represented on the Steering Committee and the Quality Measures Group for Acute and Emergency Care tasked with developing these measures.

The proposed measures

An initial set of quality improvement measures have been selected to provide insight into the various dimensions and areas of care. These initial key indicators will provide physicians with insight into both their practice, and the hospital and system of care in which they work.

  • Average length of ED visit
  • # of ED patients seen per hour
  • % patients admitted as a total of all patients seen in ED
  • Average time to physician initial assessment
  • % and # of non-admitted 48-hour returns
  • # of discharged patients returning to ED within 7 days

If you are interested learning more about these measures, please review the detailed technical specifications available here.

How find out more and get involved

Find out more about the MSPQI here. The MSPQI is seeking input on the programme and the Acute and Emergency measures, particularly from the emergency medicine community. Please email them at info@mspqi.ca to share your thoughts.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information over the coming months on a newly created BC Patient Safety and Quality Council website.



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