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This study is led by Dr. Krittika Bhende, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, and supervised by Dr. Garth Meckler at BC Children’s Hospital.

Written By: Dr. Krittika Bhende / Supervisor: Dr. Garth Meckler



Multiple international surveys report pediatric emergency medicine physicians carry out critical lifesaving procedures infrequently.1,2,4,5

Pediatric emergencies in the developed world are RARE.3

The majority of adults and children in B.C. are cared for by adult-trained, general emergency docs. Adults present more acutely and need more procedures.3

How often are emergency physicians in B.C. carrying out emergency medicine procedures in children and adults? Are there ways to support their continued comfort with these procedures?

We are conducting an emergency medicine procedures survey with the support of ECBC and the BC Children’s Research Institute. In the study, we seek to understand how often B.C. emergency physicians perform 13 practical emergency medicine procedures across all age groups (infants to adults) and their comfort level in performing them. We will also analyse if comfort varies by frequency, age group and practice setting (rural vs. urban).

Our survey aims to identify if general emergency physicians in B.C. are at the same risk of skill attrition that PEM physicians face. There may be a need to brainstorm innovative and creative solutions. We will use the data to understand the need for procedural skill maintenance opportunities and programs.

If you are a PHYSICIAN IN B.C. providing EMERGENCY CARE for adults and children in a rural or urban setting, we would love to hear from you! The survey is completely anonymous and confidential and will take no more than 15 minutes to complete. The survey has been extended to March 15, 2024.

Help us understand your practice patterns and needs by taking the survey NOW.


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