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Emergency departments across BC are experiencing record-high numbers of patients needing care, while facing a critical shortage of care spaces and emergency health care providers.

The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians published a position paper on the ED crisis that describes the core causes and logical system-wide solutions. CAEP Statement on Critical conditions in Canadian Emergency Departments

In these challenging times, it is even more important for the BC Emergency Medicine Network (BC EMN) to provide resources to aid practitioners in the care of emergency patients and to provide a forum for discussion about this important issue and suggested solutions.

Emergency practitioners are dedicating enormous effort to support patients and their families, and the BC EMN in turn is here to provide support to practitioners. BC EMN strives to connect the emergency community by maintaining a safe, secure space for practitioners to communicate, and by sharing resources and innovations.

The BC EMN website offers resources to support emergency care in urban and rural communities throughout the province, including:

In an effort to avoid closures of vulnerable sites, BC EMN will occasionally share locum opportunities. Members are strongly encouraged to pass these on to colleagues as this can make all the difference in helping an emergency room stay open.

There is potential for practitioner burnout and it is important to practice self-care and seek out wellness support. Here are a few places to start:


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