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The BC Emergency Medicine Network Patient Council created a project called:

“Safe and Effective Discharge Instructions”

As a result, we have produced a poster that highlights key considerations for the patient discharge process on best practices for patient discharge.

We feel that this project is an important resource, as there is evidence that high-quality discharge information reduces readmission rates and adverse events.

All Emergency Departments in BC will be receiving a physical copy of this discharge poster and we hope that everyone involved in emergency care can help us support this initiative by placing the poster in a highly visible area.

The poster is printed on paper that can be wiped with a high-grade disinfectant to abide by infection control policies.

A virtual copy of the poster can be viewed or downloaded at the link below:

Other Patient Discharge Sheets can be found electronically on the Clinical Resources section of our website.


If you have any questions about this or any other BC Emergency Medicine Network projects or resources, please contact us at



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