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Bystander Fear 

People are less likely to give CPR during the Covid-19 pandemic, out of fear they could contract the virus. A recent study by members Brian Grunau (PI), Frank Scheuermeyer, David Barbic, and Jim Christenson found:

  • 20% fewer people would provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • 14% fewer people would give chest compressions to help resuscitate

View the full publication: Bystanders are less willing to resuscitate out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims during the COVID-19 pandemic (Resuscitation Plus, October 5, 2020).


EM Network members worked with Heart & Stroke BC to develop new guidelines to help bystanders during the pandemic. These guidelines reduce the risk of virus transmission and can potentially save lives. Every year, 35,000 people have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Canada.

Heart & Stroke BC Guidelines: Modification to Public Hands-Only CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic

EM Network Research Reversing Sudden Unexpected Death (Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest)

EM Network Clinical Resources for Cardiac Emergencies

In the Media

Daily Mail: People are less likely to give CPR during the Covid-19 pandemic (Oct. 7, 2020)


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